What Car Are You? Take the Quiz

What car are you
What car are you

With the new release of the 65 plate car, prospective buyers will be looking to buy a new car and get the brand new registration plate slapped on their motor. However, there are lots of decisions to be made before you drive away with a new car. Do you want a convertible to let wind sail through your hair or do you really need a smaller, more economical car?

Motorparks has designed a quiz that helps drivers decide on their next car. Thanks to an array of questions like ‘Do you like the wind in your hair’, you’ll be able to find out whether you should be driving a hatchback or a soft-top.

However, before you jump into a new purchase, there are some factors you have to take into account to ensure you get the best deal. These are:

Read the fine print

Don’t be lured by some of the add-ons and optional extras that are offered with every car purchase. If you’re single and don’t carry passengers, do you really need that additional TV screen in the back headrest? Instead, only opt for things you will definitely need/use on your new vehicle.

What car are you

What car are you

Consider length of ownership

If you’re buying new, you’re going to be losing value on the car as soon as you drive it off the forecourt. Make sure you plan to own the car for a good length of time to get a return on your investment when it comes to trading it back in.

Consider running costs

While the excitement of a new vehicle is immense, there’s nothing worse than figuring out it’s too expensive for you to run. Look at vehicle tax rates, insurance costs and fuel economy before you make any purchase decisions. Lots of new cars are now tax exempt, so take that into account when considering which model you’re going for.

With all of these things in mind, head to Motorparks and take the quiz to see exactly what style of vehicle you should be driving!

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