Upgrading to a Better Aftermarket Car Stereo System

Nowadays, cars are equipped with better sounding stock stereo systems compared to what was offered some years ago. But if you want to have excellent sound quality and the latest features, it’s best to upgrade to an aftermarket product, especially if you’re someone who’s techie and a sound equipment enthusiast. Aside from the overall quality of aftermarket car stereos, your car will become a total entertainment package with equipment that allows you to play your favorite jams while cruising down highways.

Here are some of the things you need to consider to ensure you’ll be choosing the perfect stereo for your vehicle:


Look into outgoing models first.

Chances are, you’ll find equally worthy models for a price lower than the latest devices. This is because sellers will be eager to clear their shops, forcing them to offer last year’s stereos at a considerably lower price.

Double check the size of the equipment.

Although most car stereos come in the standard DIN size which is 7” x 2”, those that come with Japanese Kei vehicles do not comform to this. This is why it’s best to check the equipment’s manual to ensure you know the right size.


Don’t overdo the specs.

Your sedan or convertible might only be compatible with a less powerful amp, not 15-inch subwoofers and 1,200 watt amp. This is where you need to consult an expert to ensure you won’t be spending more on a gadget that does not suit your vehicle or your budget.

Choose a good head unit.


This is where everything will be connected, which means that it is what controls all other parts of the stereo: AM/FM tuner, CD player, GPS navigation, USB connectivity, Bluetooth, remote control and more. When choosing the head unit, make sure it has a logical layout, easy-to-read displays and appropriately sized controls. You can take your own music to test the quality of the head unit (how well it controls the rest of the components) to ensure you know how each tune should sound. Security is also a feature you need to look into. Make it a point to choose a stereo that has a detachable faceplate to help ensure safety.