Keep Safe While Driving in the Summer

Summer is as dangerous as winter when it comes to driving down highways. Although the road may not be slippery due to snow, there are other factors that make it risky to be behind the wheel on a hot summer day.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your car and yourself safe during the sunny season:

Always check your car’s tires. The tires of your vehicle should be properly inflated. Otherwise, it could blow out in the middle of the road and endanger yours and your companions’ lives. Hence, it’s always advisable to ensure the tires are within the recommended pressure.


NEVER exceed your car’s payload capacity. When packing for a trip for example, do not go over the maximum weight your vehicle can safely carry. This is because overloading your car can cause the tires to blow out, putting you in grave danger on the road.

When heading out on a long drive, be sure you can clearly see out of all the windows to avoid any accident.

Manage glare and heat. Driving under the sun exposes you to too much heat and glare, which can also cause road mishaps. So, make sure you wear sunglasses and use your car’s visors while driving. Whenever you park your car, use a sunshield beneath your windshield to keep the heat down inside your vehicle.

When you park your car in an open space parking lot, do not leave a dog or especially a child inside. Too much heat can cause heatstroke and death.


Watch out for bicycles and motorcycles. Summer is the perfect time for people to take out their two-wheel vehicles for a spin, which means that roads will be congested. Learn to share with other motorists to avoid getting into trouble on the road.

Follow these car tips and practice caution at all times to keep your car and lives safe while driving under the heat of the sun.