Top 5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Car This Winter

With winters setting in most parts of the world, it becomes even more important to consider the upkeep of your vehicle. Make sure you stay away from the winter driving myths and risks. Whether you have a cool Volvo car or a Ford truck, it is vital to maintaining your automobile perfectly so that it could function properly in the cold season.

I have a few tips that will help you prepare your car for the winters.

Check tire pressure

Are you geared up for a great winter road trip and plan on making it more memorable by capturing the exciting moments in your customized album by Mixbook’s Photobooks? Well, that sounds fantastic but have you prepped up the car for the journey ahead? Start by monitoring your car’s tire pressure.

Tire pressure is generally measured by pounds per square inch (PSI), so keep a check on the PSI levels and have it filled up to optimal reading as recommended in your manufacturer’s booklet. Underinflated tires will not perform well. The last thing you want is being stranded in the middle of the road with a flat tire. I suggest you buy yourself a durable all-season tire specifically made for cold weather with strong traction for driving on icy and wet roads in temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Have your battery Inspected

Check your battery regularly especially in the cold season because its capacity tends to decrease in low temperatures. Have it checked for proper functionality; see the attached cables and make sure they are purged completely. I recommend you buy a jumper cable and keep it in your car. It will allow you to jumpstart your car in the event it fails to start due to a dead battery in freezing cold. Moreover, park your car inside the garage to avoid damage to your battery due to the cold.

Check The Windshield and Wiper Blades

Fill the windshield washer fluid to the required level. You will need it on a rainy or snowy day to clean the windshield. In addition, inspect the windshield for cracks or chips because these can go bad in cold temperatures. Have any cracks repaired immediately and make sure the wiper blades and defroster are working properly.

Apply a Coat of Wax to Your Car

A thin layer of wax applied to the car just before you hit the road on a winter day is the best way to keep your car protected from grime, salt, and dust. Use a good quality turtle wax on parts where grime tends to settle the most, such as the lower parts of the vehicle, the quarter panels, front grille and the area behind the wheels.

Take A Look At The Headlights and Brake Lights

I also suggest you take a good look at your car’s headlights and the brake lights for brightness and adequate lighting. You will need proper visibility when driving in a heavy snowfall and thick winter fog. It will not only help provide you with good vision but also assist the other drivers in seeing you clearly. If you ever have to replace your headlights, avoid buying plastic headlights. They discolor quickly due to the haze layer, which accumulates in cold weather. Buy a good quality all-season headlight or use a plastic headlight lens repair kit to remove the haze.