How to Cut a Good Deal for Classic Cars

Thinking about buying a classic car? Here are tips on cutting a great deal.

Shopping around

If you want to be wise enough to handle a deal, you should be knowledgeable enough about the market. This way you will be able to know what is the competitive price for a certain model and you can make intelligent comparisons. By knowing the prices of other dealers, you will be ahead of the bargaining plank. You will certainly know how high it could go up and how low it could go down.


Negotiating terms

What is good about buying classic models is that you will mostly be dealing with private owners. These people are usually easier to negotiate with if you know how to approach them. You should also know that negotiation is like playing chess without knowing what the other is thinking about.

So you have to be keen enough to read body language when you personally deal with them. There would also be others who would really stick to their guns. This does not mean though that you really have to concede. In this kind of transaction, don’t get frustrated when you have to walk away.


Pre-financing search

You might be surprised that financing options are not only available for new cars. They do offer these loans to classic cars as well. However, you should look into the kind of contract you will be entering because the interest rates might not be very favorable considering that the subject chattel is already not brand new. But it is still possible that you can find financial institutions and credit unions which could be better for you. When you cut into such dealership, be sure you get that quote written in paper.

Trading in

Sometimes the best way you could cut the best deal is to get into a good trade. Once you enter into the trade, it is as if you are putting down your best card. And once you do, you have to be sure you are doing the best move. Good luck!