The Most Common Signs That Your Car Motor Is Going to Break Down

Of course, no one likes a broken car motor. Fortunately, there are signs that you will notice indicating that such a problem is about to happen, which will prepare you for the situation, rather than having to deal with it unexpectedly. Here are common signs that your motor is about to die:

Oil Leaks

One surefire sign that something is not right with your motor is that oil patches that your car leaves behind when parking. If you notice that it is depositing a tar lake, then most probably you have a severe oil leak, which will eventually cause the motor to seize.


Knocking Sound

If you have this problem, then you should prepare yourself for the big end, considering that this cannot be so easily solved as it indicates that the camshaft no longer works in proper timing with the pistons. There is very little that you can do about it other than start saving some money for a new motor.


While steam is often associated with good things, it is not so when it comes to engines. As you can see, it is a sign that you are having a blown gasket, broken radiator or a leaking pipe.


Heavy Exhaust Smoke

In a similar way that it is bad for your health, heavy smoke is also bad for your car’s motor, as it means that  then you are getting a bad mix of air and petrol into it. At the very best, it indicates that you have some problems with your tappets, and at worst, you have got some flawed piston rings. Now, if you are seeing a lot of smoke coming out of the motor’s back end, then you would better hope that it is not the latter, as it definitely requires a new motor for your car.

There we have it—the signs that indicate that your car motor is about to break down and you might need a replacement.


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