Importance of Learning about Car Maintenance as a New Driver

A car may be one of the first major investments an individual can have and learning how to drive even makes it more exciting. However, owning a car and driving one also entail responsibilities such as being a responsible driver and maintaining the vehicle on a regular basis to ensure safety of the driver on the road and that of the other motorists. If you are a new driver, here are some pointers you should know:

Mechanical Parts Maintenance


Providing proper upkeep to your car ensures safety on the road. Although some road accidents are inevitable, a great number of traffic accidents result from non-functioning brakes, tyres exploding from wear and tear and driving at high speeds. If the braking system of your car malfunctions while you are on the road, this can result to collisions and might lead to injuries and death.

This is why ensuring brake fluid level is correct, brake pads are intact and other mechanical parts of your vehicle are significant. Conversely, when it comes to tyre care, it is important to have them aligned and replaced if treads are worn out. Tyres that are too old or defective can skid on slippery roads, making the driver lose control of the wheel. With your car in good condition, you are safer on the road.

Tyres in Good Condition


One of the strictest rules in driving or in car maintenance, for that matter, is proper tyre inflation. Under-inflated ones consume more petrol while the opposite gives you a bumpy ride. With a regular tyre pressure check up, uneven wearing can be prevented, making them last longer. On the other hand, when it comes to other parts, assess if it will be much better to replace them than have them repaired.

Replacing brake assemblies and transmissions can be expensive but if you maintain your car well, problems can be identified earlier and solved. As you invest in a car, also invest time in learning about the basics of car maintenance.

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