Cleaning Car Interior Without Damaging the Upholstery

Sometimes, dirt and dust are the most possible culprits that could harm the interior of your car. For this reason, it should be done without damaging anything as much as possible. This can happen during the winter when sand and salt from boots get into the interior of your vehicle. If you have experienced this, then perhaps it is time that you learn a few tricks.

Bucket vs Hose

If you are still using hose to run when you are scrubbing this whole time, you might be wasting a lot of water in the process. You should be able to use scrub and a bucket of water only. This will save you a lot on water consumption.


Plant-Based Soap

Naturally, plant-based soap can be a great option for cleaning your car. As residues end up in local watershed, it can’t harm the environment as it is plant-based unlike other commercial soaps.

Toothpaste for the Interior

After cleaning the exterior, it’s time to clean the interior. You can use toothpaste to clean vinyl or leather seats. This is perfect to clean mild stains. Just make sure that you use only a tiny amount and test a small area first before using it all around the upholstery.


Alcohol Is a Great Alternative

Vinyl and leather seats can be cleaned all by toothpaste alone. If that happens, you can use alcohol to deal with it. Simply dab it with alcohol, but use only a light application. You might want to test it on a certain portion of the upholstery to determine if that will not affect the color.

Cleaning Windows


Use an alternative cleanser for your car windows. You can simple mix a cup of water with half a cup of vinegar and ¼ cup of alcohol. Put them on a spray bottle and shake gently.

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