Preparing Your Classic Car for a Long Period of Storage

If you are planning to store your classic car long term, then you should make sure that it is ready for such. Not using your car for a period of time does not necessarily mean that it does not need some kind of preparation, as it will definitely experience some changes that will affect its condition by the time you will take it for a drive once again. Here are some areas that you will need to work on:


Tyres and Brakes

Before storing your classic car, you should make sure that its tyres have the right pressure as they would deflate when not rolling for a long period of time. You should also cover them with plastic sheeting to prevent moisture degradation. As for the brakes, you should disengage the parking brake, as the pads would stick to the drums, causing brake problems in the future. Just use blocks on the tyres to prevent your car from rolling.


It is advisable to disconnect the battery from the car, especially when you will not be around the garage facility. As an alternative, you can leave the battery connected to a battery maintainer to keep it in good condition and prevent corrosion due to the acid in the battery.


Make sure that you change the engine oil, anti-freeze fluid, steering fluid, brake fluid and other fluids in the car. It is even better to also change the oil filter.


Fuel Tank

You can leave the gas tank full of fresh and quality gas, which can stay in good condition for up to one year. Remember that the fuel remains at a stable temperature in the storage facility.

By making sure that all these long-term classic car storage requirements are taken care of, your car will remain in good condition while not being used for a long time.

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