Betting on F1

Formula One has been thrust into the spotlight of late with drivers taking on celebrity status as they entertain viewers with some of the most exciting and momentous racing to date.


Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso have fast became household names and changed the face of racecar driving, particularly during this season’s Grand Prix which has been dominating the headlines and sending bettors into a Formula One frenzy.

With the first 7 races producing 7 different winners, unlike previous years, there was never one driver who stood out as a clear championship winner. This meant that betting on the drivers to win became a little more interesting with odds that could result in substantial payouts as opposed to the unappealing odds when the winner is almost a certainty.
Also, with the various additional betting options on offer, such as a Qualifying bet, Money Line Bet, Fastest Lap, Podium Finish, Points Finish, Safety Car and Winning Distance, bettors can wager on just about any aspect of Formula One to add a little extra excitement.

When betting on Formula One, like most betting, the chances of winning are greatly improved with some knowledge of the sport including factors that can affect the performance of the drivers such as weather conditions. Any betting novice can look to the odds to aid in picking a winner; low odds mean that the driver is likely to win or place where high odds suggest that the driver is unlikely to win, however, if they do come first in that particular race then the payout would be substantial which makes these bets more tempting in some cases. This is the main advantage that you have when betting online, it is so easy to check the statistics alongside the odds.

This isn’t the only advantage brought to us by the online gambling industry however, as you’ll see what has happened is the online casinos have noticed there is a gap in the sports betting market when the sports are in between seasons. This has led them to develop sports-themed online slots games to cater for this period, for example “Mad Dash”, which can be found at Gaming Club. With the option to play for free, you can get used to the game before putting your cash down which is always a good idea. Some sports fans prefer to opt for a more skill-based casino game however, such as poker. You can learn the game in such a way so that you have much more control over the result than with the luck-based games of slots.

Whichever you choose, there’s always fun to be had in between the races!

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