Awesome Single-Seat Road Cars

Cars are invented to transport people. So building one that can hold only one person isn’t ideally efficient. Plus, what’s the point of a sports car if it can’t accommodate another person you can scare?

But apparently, the issue of efficiency wasn’t enough to stop these strange single-seat road cars from being conceptualized or manufactured. If you are the type of driver who hates backseat instructors or passengers in general, then these road-legal single seaters would be great for you!

Lamborghini Egoista


Mad, strange and excessive – the Egoista is how every Lamborghini should be. Modeled after the Gallardo, it features 5.2-L V10 engine that has the capacity to produce 600hp. It also has a unique canopy door, a cockpit and a steering wheel that has to be removed for the driver to enter and exit the vehicle. It’s the supercar of choice for all the lonely millionaires out there! 

Mazda Miata Mono Posto 


This model was invented by Mazda way back in 2000. While the regular Miata was produced as a tribute to classic British supercars, Mazda designed the Mono Posto to come as a sort of throwback to the 1950s when Italian cars came as old single-seaters with speed records.

The Exomotive Atomic

Remember that life-changing moment when you first got to drive a go-kart? Well, here’s a road-legal car that will relive that moment.


Designed as a bike-engine automobile with perfect weight distribution – 4 wheels with the engine to the driver’s side – the exocar could be the perfect choice for anyone who wants to track their local road in the lightest way possible.

Mazda Suitcase Car

Okay, whether this is awesome or not may be arguable but we got to hand it to Mazda engineers for having over-the-top imagination: a car built into a suitcase! Powered by 40cc 2-stroke motor, the Mazda Suitcase Car has fuel capacity that can ideally last up to 2 hours of continuous driving.

It can go up to 27mph complete with functional brake lights and turn signals. Assembly is expected to take just about 20 seconds. But why would they build this even? Well, the idea was to fly out for business, pop open your suitcase, and then just drive wherever that is you needed to go!