Winter Tips – How to Keep Your Car’s Lock from Freezing

Slippery roads and icy streets – winter is definitely not the best time for drivers. But did you know what’s the worst? Frozen car locks!

There is nothing more frustrating than braving the snow and the freezing rain to the parking lot only to find out that your car door won’t budge because the lock is frozen.

Spare yourself from this disaster with this simple winter tricks:

  1. Lubricate your car door locks. Before going out, make sure to lubricate all the locks in your vehicle. The oily substance will keep water and moisture from gathering inside the locks to freeze. You can use graphite lock lubricant or silicon spray lubricant for this purpose.


  1. Use rubbing alcohol on your car key and lock. Rubbing alcohol that contains at least 60% alcohol is effective in keeping water from adhering on the metal surface. It is easy to use than lubricants and does not leave a messy residue.

  1. Keep a lock or windshield de-icer in your pocket, bag or garage. A single should deal with the problem. Note: don’t store the de-icer insider your car or you might not be able to use it.

  1. Heat car key a cigarette lighter. No doubt, the most convenient solution, heating your key before inserting it into the key hole will help dissolve the ice inside. So, make sure to keep one in your pocket every time you take a drive.


  1. Keep moisture out of keyholes. Freezing moisture inside the keyhole is usually the culprit why locks won’t budge. So, as preventive measure, try covering the keyhole with a putty, duct tape, or any material available before leaving your car outdoors.

  1. Park in covered parking space. If possible, find a safe spot to park your vehicle. If none is available, try using a waterproof car covering or any impromptu covering available, such as tarp, garbage bags, and plastic sheeting.



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