How Easy is Replacing Gas Struts?

Gas Struts
Gas Struts

There’s nothing more annoying than something going wrong on your car that you don’t expect, or have never thought about before. Gas struts are one of those things; you’ll probably use them every single day when you open the back of the vehicle, and whenever you lift up the hood too, if you’ve got a relatively modern car. Nobody expects them to break, but when they do, the problem is really very irritating. Fortunately, it’s not difficult or expensive to fix struts, and you don’t even need to go to a garage, even if you have little to no mechanical knowledge.

You can purchase replacement struts that match your vehicle without any difficulty from somewhere like SGS. If your car isn’t particularly common, you’re unlikely to find a direct replacement, but there are plenty of universal options available, so there’s no need to worry. The part isn’t one that has to be particularly specialised to the car.

The Process

Removal and fitting is extremely easy, and will take you minutes. It’s simply a case of detaching the old, worn out strut, and attaching the new one in reverse. In most cases, the strut will simply be attached with either a clip or a pin, which will just need to be prised off. You can then snap the new one into place. You’ll usually receive a fitting guide when you buy the replacement.

Gas Struts

Gas Struts

Safety First

While fitting isn’t at all complicated, there are a couple of safety considerations you need to be aware of:

  • The first is that this isn’t a job to do by yourself. Even if the bonnet or boot you’re opening has a fully functioning strut, it’s never safe to rely on one when you’re replacing the other. It’s all too easy for it to fall while you’re underneath.
  • Secondly, the struts themselves can be potentially dangerous. Compressed gas escaping rapidly is a serious hazard, which means you should treat the old strut with care when you remove it. Never use any sharp or squeezing tools, as they may damage the strut housing, compromising your safety.

And there you have it. If the struts on your car are feeling weak, or have failed altogether, then just grab a new set. It’s a quick, cheap and easy fix, which is the very best kind of car repair there is.

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