3 Awesome Perks of Owning Electric Car

More people are embracing the idea of buying an electric car. If you’ve been thinking about it yourself but still need more convincing, here are more reasons to pursue a green set of wheels.

You reduce pollution and emissions.

It is no secret that vehicles are one of the biggest contributors of pollution and carbon emissions. When you own an electric car, you can take pride in knowing you are doing your part to reduce the amount of pollution and emissions in the environment. Even charging your set of wheels is done in an eco-friendly process, especially when you’re battery charger is powered by solar energy.



You have a smoother driving experience.

Electric vehicles are known to be very, very quiet and to operate very smoothly. They have high torque, don’t require changing gears, and have fewer parts under the hood so driving and maintenance can be less of a hassle. The braking technology in these cars makes them even more efficient because it allows the battery to charge when you’re going downhill or slowing down to stop. With a high-performance vehicle, you get to enjoy driving farther distances and with less of the expense.


You can enjoy certain incentives.

Plenty of cities in the United States have incentives for owners of electric cars, so check what your city offers. In San Diego, drivers of electric vehicles are allowed to use carpool lanes even when there aren’t passengers. This means they can avoid the more congested lanes. Electric car buyers in Seattle enjoy sales tax exemptions and cheap electricity costs. In Los Angeles, Tesla has charger stations where owners of their Model S can charge their cars for free. Portland has an Electric Avenue, a block of parking spaces reserved for plug-in vehicles. Plus, the state of Oregon offers tax credits when you buy a charging station.


Don’t forget to also consider the other expenses and aspects involved (like repairs and charging stations) in owning an electric car so you can weigh the pros and cons better.