Does Driving a Classic Car Put You at Greater Risk?

Out with the old, in with the new – people often get rid of old stuff because they’re outdated, damaged, malfunctioned, unsafe or unproductive. But it’s somehow a different thing with old, classic cars, which are in fact highly celebrated and more expensive. However, are classic car fans missing the safety issues of older cars?


Trouble on and off the Road

It’s not new for classic car drivers to experience trouble now and then. An old machine could suddenly cough and die in the middle of a highway, or fail to start properly even while at the garage. Aged engines have gone through a lot of toil and abuse, and perhaps a couple of crashes in the past. While they may be hauled, repaired and fitted with new parts, you can’t expect old engines to work as great as new.

Dangerous Chemicals

Classic cars manufactured before the 90s were found to be prone to cancer-causing asbestos, particularly in brake linings and pads, clutch plates, and hood linings. Asbestos-related illnesses take time to develop, and it may be too late for a classic car driver to realize the effects. However, it should be noted that dangerous chemicals are not exclusive to classic vehicles, as modern cars possess them, too.

Old Tires

Unlike modern-day tires, old tires can look great and yet unsafe to use. Old tires should be inspected thoroughly and should not be judged based on how they look. Analysts say that old tires have shorter life span, no more than seven years, as compared with new tires.


Salt, Rust and Pests

Unseen things such as salt, rust and pests can damage your classic car without you knowing. Driving on a salty mud could damage unprotected parts of your car, so it’s best to clean it regularly. Meanwhile, observe proper storage of your precious antique vehicle, and keep the garage clean and clear from rodents and other pests.

Observe Safe Driving

Despite the alarming news about car crashes involving classics, there is no way of proving that classic cars are riskier and more unsafe than new models. Keep your speed within the limit, check your car before driving, observe traffic, and avoid drunk driving and distractions. With all else being equal, a well-cared classic can be a dependable companion on the road.