When flexibility beckons

Delivery Driver
Delivery Driver

These days there are growing opportunities for flexible working for so many people across the globe.

Telecommuting is the term that has been coined to represent what an increasing number of people are now choosing to do in our modern world. While many of us hanker for such flexibility in our work-home situations, the reality is usually very different for the majority of us.  If the typical 9-5 schedule is one that fills you with dread, then flexible working may be something to consider. Collecting the kids from school and avoiding the inconvenience and trial of the daily commute sounds fabulous doesn’t it?

Delivery Driver

Delivery Driver

But don’t fall into the trap of thinking it’s all plain sailing once you have set yourself up a home office. When will you work? Will there be distractions? Can you discipline yourself to sitting down and working and not sit on the sofa watching Jeremy Kyle? But what constitutes flexibility when it comes to working? Is it the hours? Is it the ability to work in your trackies and slippers? Is it the greater independence and the chance to plan your own schedule and working environment?

Here are a variety of jobs which may be considered to have an element of flexibility…

Rock star – Very well paid with limited hours. Travel first class and enjoy the high life. Also applies to actors, and film directors.

Investment banker – Telephone number-type salaries for working in a cosseted environment.

Entrepreneurs and business owners – The wonders and benefits of delegation. 3-on-4-off worker – Some shift convenience allowing for a solid break, such as policemen, firemen and medical staff.

Airline pilot – Plenty of travel, sun, and maybe a woman in every city.

Delivery driver – Multi-drop and beyond. On your own with the freedom of the road. Unless commercial vehicle tracking is keeping tabs on you.

Film reviewer – Free access to the best films in time to give your over-inflated opinion of the cinematically imminent.

Holiday season worker – Work hard and play hard throughout the season and take the off-season off.

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