Top tips for insuring a classic car

For the unruly among us, buying a classic car is likely to run the risk of raising a few eyebrows.

From the dastardly din of dated exhausts, CO2 levels that blow smoke in the face of the Kyoto Protocol, not to mentiona classic car’s occasionally erraticsafety systems, poorly informed motorists and environmentalists could perhaps be forgiven for ignoring the numerous goodpoints of a vintage motor.

Classic Car

But snubbing the chance to own a classic car shows a real lack of forethought. Imagine defying the nanny state, sticking a churlish middle finger up to health and safety regulations, and discovering what it really means to buy and drive a car that strips away the occasional sterility of modern motoring.

Consequently, if you do decide to take the plunge into the classic car world – whether you splash out on a 1969 Morris Minor or a 1989 VW Golf – apart from the outlay involved in buying and maintaining the vehicle, it’s important to consider the cost of insuring it.

For a first time owner, insuring a classic car can be a bewildering time, not least because the cover required depends on how you plan to use the motor – and if you’ve never owned a classic car, the lines of communication between you and an ill-advised insurance company can become distorted.

That’s why it pays to go straight to an insurance company who specialise in classic car insurance.

By contacting the experts, you can arrange insurance that suits, ensuring you’re fully covered should the unthinkable occur. Factors such as mileage, whether it’s used for business, how many named drivers are required, and what level of cover you need should be the first things hammered out with your agent.

Crucially, many insurance companies now offer limited mileage classic car policies if your vehicle is used as more of a hobby than an everyday run around. By talking to a firm who understand what your vehicle is and how it will be used, you should see your insurance premiums slashed when compared to regular insurance firms.

Quite simply, when it comes to insuring a classic car, choosing a specialist insurance company really is the finest policy.

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