Vehicle Technologies You Can Be Excited About in Future Car Models

With innovative technologies constant being researched and developed by automakers, we can be sure that the next vehicle models will be equipped with stunning capabilities that keep us constantly safe on the road without sacrificing fun. In every motor show, we see awesome concept cars that we often wish are possible to have today.

For now, we’ll just settle with having to monitor the latest developments on these car technologies which may be available in the near future.

In-Car Wireless Technology as a Standard Feature

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We’ve seen some of the forerunners of this technology in today’s luxury vehicles such as the proximity sensors that alerts you of an obstruction behind you as well as the Bluetooth connectivity that lets you safely accept calls while driving. Soon, these wireless capabilities and other potentially advanced technologies will come as standard in every vehicle of the future even on the low-end units. In fact, General Motors has been testing the potential of accessing the internet in the comfort of your car with WiFi shared among different devices of passengers.

Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) Communications

future car, future car technologies, car interior, vehicle technologies

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Based on wireless signals, Ford and other auto manufacturers are testing the possibility of cars capable of communicating with other vehicles to reduce, if not eliminate, road accidents. In this system, the vehicles will be sending data to other cars in the immediate area to determine direction and driving speed, among others, and adjust accordingly while keeping a safe distance from one another.

Solar Energy through Body Panels

future car, future car technologies, car interior, vehicle technologies

The era of electric cars is on the horizon but the weight and bulkiness of the batteries is a disadvantage. Automakers are experimenting on vehicle body panels that can absorb sunshine and store solar energy, and thus, significantly reducing the weight of electric and hybrid vehicles. When this technology is finalized for the consumers, it will definitely be a breakthrough.

Aren’t you excited that these technologies can potentially be part of the future vehicles you could own? Innovations like these will definitely be a game-changer in the automotive industry as well as in the way we live.