Tips and Tricks for a Cheaper Motorcycle Insurance Premium

One of the concerns of motorists is their vehicle insurance and how to get lower premiums. This also goes for bikers. If you are a first-time motorcycle owner and looking for ways to save on motorcycle insurance, there are several ways to do so. Perhaps you will find the following tips helpful.

  1. Park your bike in your garage. 

Insurance providers often charge higher premiums for motorcycles without garages while some go to the extent of not insuring the bike at all. This is because having a garage lessens the risk of motorcycle which can be a loss for the insurance company if the vehicle gets stolen and it is insured.


  1. Lessen your riding time.

If you can help it, try not to add mileage to your motorcycle as much as you can. Insurance companies increase insurance premiums when they find out that your vehicle has incurred high mileage and have been used often. Having low reading means there is less wear and tear and at the same time, you are not much of an insurance risk.


  1. Learn how to ride well. 

For your sake and for a chance to have cheaper insurance costs, it is wise to take some motorcycle riding courses if you still haven’t enrolled into one. Being on the road often exposes you to road mishaps and if your insurance provider knows that you know how to ride defensively, you will reduce the risks of getting into road accidents. Consequently, insurance claims on your part will also be seldom.


  1. Get the right insurance coverage. 

Decide on how you are going to use your new motorcycle. If you intend to ride it each day and it is your only mode of transportation, you might want to take a fully comprehensive insurance. Conversely, if your bike is just a toy that you want to keep in your garage and use not as often, you can go for a cheaper coverage.

Buying motorcycle insurance is a good decision to get you covered in case you figure in an accident or your ride gets stolen. However, lowering your insurance premiums by following these tips is a better one.

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