Top 10 Most Essential Pieces Of Equipment For Motorcyclists

Being a motorcycle enthusiast is more than just having and riding a bike. If you’re serious about being a biker, then you have to accessorize to match your ride. The most important reason to get the best equipment is to stay safe on the road, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look good, too.

With that in mind, here are the top ten additions you will need on top of your standard motorcycle parts.


There are numerous variations of motorcycle helmets, but all of them have the same purpose: to protect your head. When picking out Yamaha accessories, be sure to find a helmet that will keep your vital organs safe.


Riding around in the sun is not good for anyone. While you can get a visor that will filter out sunlight, sometimes the best defense is a decent pair of sunglasses. If you can, try to get a set that will automatically adjust to the light.



As a true motorcyclist, you won’t let a bit of bad weather keep you down. However, there is no reason to be cold while on the back of your bike. A soft, thick scarf is just the ticket to ensure that you don’t have freezing wind coming into your helmet or blowing into your jacket.


Speaking of jackets, you will need one for the road ahead. A high-quality motorcycle jacket not only helps keep you warm, but it also provides a bit of style to your wardrobe, and it can even protect your body in the event of a collision.


While plenty of motorcyclists don’t like to wear body armor because it can look too “safe” (read: geeky), the fact is that if you wind up in a collision, the armor can be the difference between walking away safe and being carried off. Don’t let vanity keep you unprotected.



As one of the most versatile motorcycle accessories, gloves can help you maintain control of your bike, keep your hands and fingers warm, and give you a better grip overall.

Heating Pad

If you’re someone who likes to get Yamaha OEM parts, then you may want to invest in a heating pad, especially for the saddle. When riding out in cold weather, a heated seat can make all the difference.


Just like a good jacket can protect your torso, motorcycle pants will keep your legs free from scrapes and cuts if you ever fall off or spin out.


If you ride your bike with street shoes, then you’re doing it all wrong. Invest in a decent set of boots that will cover your ankle. You will feel the difference immediately and wonder how you rode without them.

Visibility Strips

If you ever ride at night, then reflective strips will be your best friend. Again, many motorcyclists don’t use them because they can seem tacky, but they are one of the most valuable motorcycle parts you can have.

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