3 Tips on Motorcycle Tire Pressure

MOTO-D Motorcycle Tire Pressure Gauge

Just like cars need maintenance, your motorcycle also needs the same tender loving care. Whether you are riding your bike leisurely or are using it on a daily basis, it’s important to ensure your tires are in good condition and safe. Perhaps you are too keen on taking your motorcycle to the garage for change oil and tune ups but when it comes to tires, you simply replace them when you get a flat tire. It’s important to educate yourself about tire pressure. Here are some tips you can use:


  1. Check the pressure of your tires on a regular basis.

Other motorcycle riders suggest tire pressure check once a week and others say it is best to measure it daily. Depending on how often you use your motorcycle and the riding conditions it goes through. If you use it on rough road with sharp rocks, checking it every day is imperative or even each time before you go on the road.

  1. Invest in your own tire gauge.

You might be tempted to use the gauges in gas stations but not all the time, these devices give accurate reading. It’s best to have your own tire gauge so you can check the tires any time you have to. Moreover, tire gauges are inexpensive so it should not really hurt your budget.

MOTO-D Motorcycle Tire Pressure Gauge

MOTO-D Motorcycle Tire Pressure Gauge

  1. Know the right time to check the pressure.

Tire pressure is better checked when the tires are cold. This means your motorcycle has been left standing for about 20 minutes or before you leave the home. Checking the pressure right after you arrive will give you higher reading since tires expand with friction.

Ensuring the tires of your bike have the correct tire pressure helps in better handling and ride. And by taking care of your motorcycle tires and checking them regularly for wear and tear, you not only save money, you also ensure your safety.

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