Making a Car Trade-in the Right Way

If you decided to trade in your vehicle, it is important to know a few tricks to avoid getting lured by sweet-talking dealers. Remember that getting the best deals requires research, understanding, and bold approach. Here are some important reminders for basic trade-ins.

Determine the Value – there are many ways to find out the value of your car. Others go online to know the current value while others can visit a couple or more dealership selling cars similar to your vehicle model and ask for the suggested prices.

Patience Is a Virtue – there are cars that sell in the summer but less likely during the winter. So think about the exact time when to sell and when not to.


Tidy Up the Car – if you are going to sell your vehicle, remove all personal belongings inside it and begin sprucing up your ride.  This will enable the dealer to have a better look at the car you are trying to trade in.

Records Matter – having gone through a lot of modifications or maintenance can also help in the process. So you must have kept the necessary documents for this purpose.

Negotiate Brand New Car and Trade-in Car Prices Separately – if you have eyed a brand new car in a dealership, make sure that you deal the car you have first. It may not be the one on the dealer’s mind, but once you have something in his possession that you badly need, he will surely make the deal for you.


Inform Them What You Know – Let the dealer know that you have researched about the price of your used car and see to it that you remain in that position.

Avoid Getting Played – do not surrender the keys of your car to the dealership just yet until you get what you want.

Know Your Tax Advantage – almost every state in the U.S. allow payment of sales tax upon purchase of your new car less the amount given by the dealer for the trade-in. Thus, you can save around a thousand bucks.


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