3 Techniques to Help Avoid a Crash

Accidents happen all the time. This is especially true when you’re on the road with distractions coming from everywhere. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t avoid a crash while driving down the highway. Here’s what you can do:

#1 Scan the road

You need to see what’s going on around you to be a defensive driver. You need to spot anything that can potentially cause an accident, like an old woman about to cross the street, a tiny stray dog or a fast-approaching car.


#2 Avoid any distractions

Using your mobile phone while driving is a NO-NO. Whether it’s a call or just a text, avoid using your phone at all cost. Also, changing the channel on your car radio or scanning tunes, eating, applying makeup, reading books or even reprimanding children in the car can be equally distracting.

#3 Obey traffic laws

Stop when the red light goes and go when it’s green. Check for one-way street, no parking or no right turn signs to avoid getting in trouble with the law. Also, check for blind curve signs to avoid getting involved in a collision.

#4 Utilize every mirror in your car

Check your side and rear mirrors to see whether you’re being too close to another car or are about to side-sweep anyone or anything.


#5 Maintain safe distance

Don’t get too close with the vehicle in front of you. The rule of thumb for safe following distances is two seconds of space.

#6 Deal with a tailgater as maturely as possible

Slow down if someone is tailgating you. This gives the other driver a chance to pass. He may be more in a hurry than you are. You can also change lanes. However, if the tailgater insists, you can drive to a well-lit place or straight to a police station.