What makes the BMW 5 Series so popular?

BMW 5 Series
BMW 5 Series

One of the main reasons that we see so many BMW 5 Series cars on the road today is because of strong business fleet car sales. Businesses on the move must keep their fleet vehicles fresh and ready to roll, even in tough economic times, and when private customers are keeping their new car cash safely tucked away, it’s the fleet market that mainly keeps the big car makers in the black and out of the red. In order to make these sales, you must first have an attractive proposition to tempt fleet managers to your cars and BMW have in recent years truly perfected the art of the fleet car.

BMW 5 Series

BMW 5 Series

A classy style that’s all business
Just one look at the current model BMW 5 Series will tell you that this car means business. Sharp, angular and aggressive styling is now part of the 5 Series DNA, and in recent years the BMW designers have very cunningly managed to design their large executive cruiser to look modern, cutting edge and very businesslike. Fleet managers and fleet car drivers alike seem to admire these styling traits, with companies happy with the image the 5 Series portrays and drivers proud to drive these German engineered works of automotive art.Click here for BMW 5 Series contract hire and leasing deals.

Interior elegance and long distance comfort
At the crux of any fleet car purchase, regardless of how wonderful the manufacturer’s marketing speak will have us believe the car is, is a basic need for the car to cover many, many miles in comfort. It could be the best looking and most frugal car in the world, but if the interior ergonomics, design and comfort levels are all wrong, then it’s as good as useless.

BMW has worked long and hard on perfecting their car interiors and after a while of being accused of being too bland, the famous German brand is right back on track with their more recent models; none more so than the new 5 Series.

The price of the car will of course be reflected in the interior spec, and while BMW would never give drivers more than they pay for, their interiors are well very thought out and comfortable places to be. Especially in the large 5 Series with its generous interior space. The basics of ergonomic comfort will be there regardless of the base price of your new 5 Series, and fleet drivers tend to keep the frivolous extras to a minimum anyway, but supportive seats, climate control and Bluetooth connectivity will all be happily present in the a 5 Series that’s trimmed to favour the fleet market. You might even get a sat-nav system thrown in.

Some of the most frugal yet powerful engines in the business
Probably as crucial as a large and comfortable interior to keep 5 Series drivers happy is a good choice of the very latest frugal diesel engines, and BMW are very good at building fast yet frugal diesel engines.

It’s a tricky combination that fleet drivers and managers demand; one of good fuel economy and low CO2 emissions to keep the fleet manager’s company car tax bill as low as possible, as well as enough engine power to deliver some good fun driving experiences for fleet car drivers. It’s easy to build a powerful engine – just give it plenty of fuel – but much harder to make an engine that performs in every aspect. Well, the BMW range of small turbo diesel engines are amongst the best in the business, with green performance matched by speed performance.