Still on the Fence about Electric Cars? 3 Reasons to Get One ASAP

Many people refuse to buy electric cars because they think it’s not cost-efficient; after all, with today’s low fuel prices, they feel they can save more if they’d stick to their petrol or diesel vehicles. Others, meanwhile, hesitate to invest in green automobiles simply because they don’t understand how these cars function and/or how much maintenance costs they’ll face.

But, if you belong to either of these two groups, you have to realise that the time to get an electric vehicle is now. By opting for this type of car, you’ll enjoy several benefits, such as the following:


Low lease prices

Some of the biggest car manufacturers are offering their products at low lease rates. Nissan, for example, announced that consumers can avail of their 2015 Leaf at $199 a month for three years (with a $2,399 down payment). Ford, meanwhile, said that their 2015 Focus Electric is up for grabs at $149 a month for the same period of time, requiring a $3,293 down payment. Chevrolet is offering the best deal among the three; they require no payment at signing and provide the Spark EV car at $139 a month for 39 months.

With these deals in mind, you’ll easily see how getting an electric car can be cost-effective. The down payment required is cheaper than buying traditional cars, and you’ll face less financial risks since you can return the vehicle at the end of the lease.

Low environmental impact


Fuel prices might have gone down in the past few months, but this doesn’t make petrol and diesel less dangerous for Mother Earth. Fortunately, you can reduce your impact on the environment when you drive an electric vehicle. Since you’ll no longer consume fuel, you’ll help in reducing the greenhouse effect and conserving the world’s natural resources.

Access to HOV lanes


In many states and even countries, electric cars are given permission to use high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes. So, if you have a green automobile, you can utilise these lanes, avoid intense traffic and arrive at your destination in a quick and timely way. Having reservations about electric cars is normal, but don’t let your fears and doubts stop you from enjoying the benefits that these green vehicles provide!

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