Porsche 911 Stinger by Topcar

It just turned 50, but time does not seem to have aged, not even a wrinkle on itd car body, and its heart has a 6 cylinders boxer which is in good shape. We are talking about the Porsche 911, which even in its latest evolution, the 991, was the subject of a tuner Topcar, who offers its own version called Stinger, with a body kit in carbon fiber.

Porsche 911 Stinger Front View

Revised bumpers and with so many loopholes, front splitter and rear diffuser, but it has also widened wheel arches, new front bonnet and rear grille. Not only that, it also has wide wheels to fill to capacity the muscles of the 911. The interior has some special carbon for the dashboard and a nice steering wheel plus  a two-tone color that goes with the external one.

Porsche 911 Stinger Porsche 911 Stinger Weels Porsche 911 Stinger Top View Porsche 911 Stinger Rear View Porsche 911 Stinger Interior Porsche 911 Stinger Dashboard

Under the hood there is a new mapping of the ECU, exhaust manifolds and custom. In short, there is everything to make it look meaner and to make it more aggressive in acceleration and sound. For the body kit, available for the 911, the 911 S, Carrera 4 and 4S, it takes 14,000 Euros, to add to the cost of the car, but if you also want the changes to mechanics, then you need to take into account a further outlay .. .