What You Should Know About the Tires and Wheels of Your Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wranglers are one of the most customized vehicles for offroading purposes. If you own a wrangler or going to buy one, you would realize instantly that its tires and wheels play a critical role in its performance. Here are a few things that you must know about the tires and wheels for jeep wranglers.

How Large Should Be The Tires?

Jeep tires come in a standard size of 18 inches. They are typically paired with 31 to 32 inches x 10 inches in width of factory tires. Such a combination allows the driver to have more backspacing than an aftermarket wheel. However, you can always choose to upgrade to 33 inches of tire size. They have a slightly more aggressive tread pattern. You would also need to re-calibrate the drivetrain of your jeep to adjust the speedometer and shift points. Another option is the 35 inches of wrangler tires. Since these tires are heavier and larger, you would need to re-gear your jeep. The last option is to upgrade to 37 inches of tires. It requires re-gearing as well.

What is Wheel Offset?

It is the distance of the mounting face to the inner components of the jeep. It deals with setting the central line, on which the wheel sits. The measurements are offset to set the wheel in or out of the fender. Positive wheel offsetting means moving the wheel toward the street, whereas a negative offset does the opposite. Positive offsetting tucks the majority of the wheel inside the frame of the jeep, and results in less deep dish. Negative offsetting, on the other hand, exposes the wheel outside the fender and creates more of a deep dish. Wheel offset is measured in millimeters.

What is Wheel Backspacing?

It is the measurement of the mounting face to the inner lip or back edge of the wheel. It explains the ability of the back of the wheel to make a direct connection with the inner components such as fenders, sway bar links, and shocks of the jeep. It is a fixed measurement, however, you can play around the tire to move it further out of the frame, and is measured in inches. If the back of the wheel comes in contact with any of the inner components of the jeep, then it can be adjusted using the backspacing and offsetting together. The distance of the wheels can be offset using the spacers. Increasing the offset when the backspace has not been changed will result in clear space.

What is Bolt Pattern?

Bolt patterns are used to mount the rim to the wheel hub. Every rim has a unique bolt pattern. For instance, if your jeep’s wrangler wheels are 5 x 5 it means there are 5 lug wheels and these lugs are based on a circle with an equal distance of 5 inches. Along with the bolt pattern, rim size and width matter too. Whether your jeep has them installed from the factory or you have bought the jeep rims on sale, you desire that they match with your vehicle measurements. Although you can play around various sizes of rims and tires for your safety, it is recommended to follow respective tire manufacturer’s guidelines.

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