Cars with Cheaper Insurance Cost

Apart from the cost of the initial purchase, you also need to take into account car insurance premium when calculating your overall automobile expenses. For as long as you use your vehicle, you will be paying for insurance. Good enough if it is cheap.

Then again, you can always find ways to enjoy cheaper premium, such as opting out of a comprehensive coverage, or buying from a lesser-known provider. Not worth the price to pay? How about moving to a place that is less populated? As it happens, insurance premium is lower in areas that isn’t crowded and have lower rate of accidents and thefts. Relocation, however, is not always an option. Your only hope is to buy a self-driving car that is predicted to lower accidents by up to 90%. Unfortunately, it’s not yet commercially available.


The good news is there are now vehicles that are cheaper to insure, which means you don’t need to move or scrimp on your coverage. These include:

  • Jeep Wrangler Sport at $1,130 average premium for a base two-door Sport model

  • Jeep Patriot Sport 2WD at $1,136 average annual premium

  • Honda CRV at $1,160 average annual premium

  • Dodge Grand Caravan SE Plus at $1,162 average annual premium

  • Honda Odyssey LX at $1,163 average annual premium


Why are these cheaper to insure?

Most of them are cheaper which means they are affordable to repair even when they are totaled after an accident. When they are easy to fix, labor cost is reduced. In the case of SUVs and minivans, driving them usually requires a certain level of care, which is something most drivers neglect when they are behind the wheels of high-performance luxury cars. Would you consider a Jeep Wrangler boring as opposed to a sports car? Perhaps. But where safety is concern, something less fancy and powerful is a better choice.

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