Volvo V60 plug-in hybrid review

The Volvo V60 is a stunning sports wagon that has one of the best Euro NCAP safety ratings of its class. But of course it does, it’s a Volvo. What is most surprising about the Volvo V60 is just how well-rounded it is; Volvo’s have always been safe, comfortable and practical, but the V60 is involving and a pleasure to drive enthusiastically. It is in many ways the VW Golf of the wagon world.

Volvo V60 plug-in hybrid

Volvo V60 plug-in hybrid

The latest V60 to hit the forecourt is the plug-in hybrid. This particular car promises to be the most economical Volvo to date in real-world economy, without sacrificing any fun. So has it achieved this?

Yes, it has. With 281 bhp, 324 lb /ft of torque and four wheel drive, sprinting away from traffic lights is as easy as 1-2-3. It combines a 2.4-litre five-cylinder diesel, along with a 50kw electric motor, and this combination makes for stunning in-gear performance and an incredibly relaxed drive. 0 – 62 mph is claimed to pop up in 6.1 seconds but once you’re in third gear, it feels a whole lot quicker than this and even in 1st and 2nd the diesel and electric motor work effortlessly to kick you in the back. Keep your foot mashed to the floor and the claimed top speed for this car is a respectable 143 mph.

Just like all modern Volvo and other V60 models, inside the hybrid is gorgeous; it’s flush with aluminium, leather and soft touch rubbers, and the seats are very comfortable and supportive. It’d give the new Volkswagen Golf a run for its money in interior quality no problem. The satellite navigation screen is a particular highlight, as it displays the power flow, battery information and what driving mode you are in.

Speaking of driving modes, there is a Pure mode where the car is powered solely by the electric motor, a Hybrid mode, where the diesel engine and electric motor work together, and a Power mode where the electric motor and diesel engine are optimised to produce the maximum power possible. Volvo say that this car can do a whopping 148.7 mpg, and in our tests, that’s conservative – we got 150.1 mpg on our test.

The only nail in the coffin for this car is its price. It costs more than £40,000 and that’s after a £5000 government grant. That’s a ridiculous price when you compare it to other V60 models. Due to this price, it does not make economical sense versus an efficient diesel engined V60. The V60 hybrid suffers from what 90% of the hybrids suffer from today – sky high prices. If you’re looking to save money we’d say that this isn’t the way to do it, although it is an exciting glimpse in to the future. Volvo dealerships such as Volvo Derby stock the V60 plug-in hybrid.

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