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Luxury Car Apps That Make Driving Technologically Fun

Call it an app explosion, but there is an app for virtually everything you want to do, including remotely controlling your car. Plenty of car manufacturers these days create an app alongside a vehicle's features. Some of the standard remote app features include locking and unlocking a car's door, finding a vehicle in a parking…

Irish Police Uncovers Luxury Car Scam Worth Euro 2 Million

Gardai's Dublin Metropolitan Region (DMR) Traffic Division has seized 18 BMW cars as part of its continuing investigation into an alleged scam to defraud Revenue Commissioners by under-declaring of engine size. Gardai or Garda Síochána is the national police service of Ireland. According to reports, hundreds of luxury cars have been fraudulently registered depicting lower…

5 Desirable Concept Cars in the Last Decade, Which Everyone Wishes Were Actually Made

Before your Mercedes McLaren or your BMW Z3 rolled into production, it went through the conceptualization process. At this stage, car engineers are given free reign as to how they wish to design each model. In other words, they can create any monstrous car that will blow everyone’s mind away. There’s no money involved at…

The worldwide luxury car industry

Who doesn't love luxury cars? They say that the car you are driving represents your personality and who you really are and the way you feel. In this auto infographic we can see the history of the luxury cars industry and the best models ever.

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