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Fastest, Most Awesome Police Cars Around the World

Police departments need to keep up with the changing times. Thus, you can now see police stations with high-end equipment and hardware to help them crack down crimes. Among the advanced tools that various departments use nowadays include cars that a hundred times better than the old and trusted Crown Victoria or Ford Taurus. This…

Bugatti Veyron sold its 400th supercar

Bugatti sold its 400th Veryon, which was a Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Legend Jean-Pierre Wimille Edition of 1,200 horsepower, versus the amount of 2.13 million, while there are remaining other 50 roadsters. According to the Italian company, since 2005 that Veyron was launched for the first time, they built 300 coupe models and 150 roadsters.…

Bugatti Veyron Infographic

As you already know Veyron is one of the fastest cars on the planet, reaching a top speed of 415 km/h. In order to get it though you need to pay a lot of dollars.

Best cars for actors and celebrities

Being a celebrity has a lot of perks. It involves owning the most expensive cars. There are quite a number of them that wouldn’t dream of disappointing their fans. Most actors today rely on their trademarks and that is their wheels. Their cars are considered to be the measurement of their success. The best auto…

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