What Does Your Car Say About You?

British car dealership Motorparks has attempted to rid the motoring world of the many stereotypes that exist in the industry by asking; what does a car really say about its driver?

Using data from YouGov Profiler, Google Trends and the Motorparks website’s very own search volume, the visual offers insight into who the typical customers of many car manufacturers are.

Take a look at the entire infographic below and discover:

  • Why you should expect to see Ford Focus drivers carrying out some home improvements in their spare time.
  • Why the likes of ‘Gold’ and ‘True’ will stand a good chance of being heard being played inside a Vauxhall Corsa.
  • Why Volkswagen Passat drivers are likely to have a pair of walking boots in their wardrobe alongside their driving shoes.
  • Why a trip to A&E could very well see you meeting up with a Nissan Micra driver.

Find out more about these facts and so many more by viewing the full visual now. Do you know someone who matches the characteristics? If so, do they just so happen to drive a vehicle from the brand they have been linked to as well?

What does your car say about you

What does your car say about you

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