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Technology and car industry

The digital world is changing our lives in an everyday basis. The car infographic below displays how technology has changed the car industry.

Car sizes changing through the years

It is obvious that the cars nowadays are safer, faster and more comfortable for this reason they are bigger than 70 years ago. But it is unbelievable that their sizes have doubled and trebled. The car infographic below displays some examples.

The best motorcycle routes around the globe

If you are planning to leave your car at home and go for a ride with your superpower bike then you need to stick with the infographic below. It shows 10 of the best routes that you can take in order to have a magnificent and easy ride. Infographic by MCE Insurance

Car accidents statistics

It is very nice having a fast car that increases your adrenaline to the max, but on the side of the coin the speed occurs accidents. The car infographic below fives details to some car accidents.    

Luxury car industry

Did you ever wonder what is the luxury car industry? The car infographic below gives a quick description of the industry.  

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